GERESERVEERD! Martini Henry Mark IV Pattern A met bayonet

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Te koop: Martini Henry Mark IV Pattern A met bayonet.

Dit antieke zwartkruit geweer is vrijgesteld onder artikel 18.1.c/d van de Regeling Wapens en Munitie en derhalve vrij te bezitten voor iedereen vanaf 18 jaar.

Ja, ik ben gewoon Nederlands maar aangezien ik de gehele advertentie al in het Engels had geschreven voor alle internationale militaria forums waar ik actief heb ik het maar zo gelaten aangezien vrijwel iedereen hier wel Engels kan denk ik, voor meer info en foto’s kun je natuurlijk mailen.

I decided to sell my recently acquired Martini Henry Mark IV Pattern A with accompanying bayonet.
The rifle is Enfield 1887 production.
I got it here locally but considering it was still half covered with yak-grease I’m pretty sure it came out of the Nepal cache from IMA in the USA.
I spend several weeks cleaning it with Ballistol, toothbrush and assorted tools in detail with an almost religious zeal down to the last screw and the metal parts have spend most of the time soaking in a bath of oil.

The rifle is in good working order. The action locks up solidly and all springs are still strong. I detail stripped the action and everything looks to be in perfect working order. The chamber has no pitting or rust whatsoever and the rifling is still strong as well so it should be a good shooter.

However, the more I looked at it the more I realized I really want one of the older marks. Somehow for some unknown reason that little dip in the back of the Mark IV receiver, the straighter stock lines and the long lever have started to just look weird to me and made me realize I love the lines of older marks I, II and III much more. So I decided it would be better to get what I really want first before fireforming a bunch of brass to a specific rifle and starting load development.

I’m far from a Martini Henry expert and I’ll let the pictures provide most of the description but I’ll list it’s known flaws as best as possible:
1: The surface of the rifling is not brand-new perfectly smooth, calling it rough would be a gross exaggeration and there is no rust/corrosion/deep pitting or anything but it’s not mirror-bright. I’ve had dozens of patches through the bore and they still come out grey after soaking in oil for a couple days and scrubbing with a bronze brush so there is still a bit of residual leading in the bore, it should shoot fine but as is common for old rifles don’t expect patches to come out immaculately clean.
2: The outside of the barrel has light patches of pitting along the woodline as is common. Nothing deep enough to effect safety though.
3: The previous owner really went to town on the poor cocking indicator locking screw and although it still performs it function it’s really boogered up.
4: It’s missing it’s sight slider, should be a cheap fix.
5: There is some light pitting around the firing pin hole, nothing mayor, but visible.
6: The bayonet has some patches of pitting.
7: The woodwork has the usual dings and scratches.

In all a good rifle if you just want to shoot it.

I paid about 775 euro for it and I think that would be a reasonable price to ask back for it as well so price is firm.
Shipping is additional and will depend on location and shipping company of choice.
I accept paypal (friends&family option or add 4% for the fees) and standard bank transfer.

As stated earlier I would also be interested in a trade for an earlier Martini Henry Mark 1, 2 or 3 (with some extra cash from my side if necessary) as long as it is in good, shootable condition.

I’m in The Netherlands, Europe so please we aware that shipping and potential import fees might add up depending on your location due to the length of the rifle.
There is no legal restriction for importing and exporting these rifles here as they are considered obsolete blackpowder rifles.

I have dozens of pictures from every marking I could find so please email me for more.


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